Today is one of my favorite 30 min projects. Why? 1 because it took more like 15 min. 2 it saved my favorite boots from the trash. The contrast toe is something you see all the time it’s popping up everywhere.

 And I love the gold faux crocodile accent. They changed the look of the boot in a great way.

 You see kids are hard on shoes. I swear I think out loud all the time “Not a hole! Didn’t you know I wanted to save those for your sister” So when Abbey’s boots (my favorites) started getting a hole in the toe I was so sad. I loved these boots and was totally hoping Penny would wear them too. So I decided to fix them. It was quick and easy and I now love them even more.

 So if you have shoes that are all scuffed up at the toe like so many shoes seem to get, then let’s patch them.

 I found this great faux leather at Joann’s, any leather, pleather, or otherwise durable fabric will work great. I cut a rough shape I was going after.

 I used Super Glue, any glue that works for leather or fabric would be great. Super glue has a great strong hold.

 I started by gluing the straight edge down where I wanted the toe to start. Repeat for both boots making sure the gold toe is even.

 Then on the flip side I put glue along the sole edge and some under the flap.

Then I smoothed the pleather all around the edge and held it for a few seconds. The glue dries fast. Then trim away the extra fabric so it looks neat at the sole line. 

 That’s all it took and the boots were done.

 And awesome, and now they can be worn by the next girl in line.

It’s still getting a little use from Abbey since she likes to pretend shoes aren’t too small.

**Just as a note I can’t vouch for how well the glue will hold up in rain, but I am hoping it will do fine 🙂