JoAnn Fabric and Crafts asked me to participate in a Celebrate the Season campaign. I was super excited because when JoAnns asks your answer should always be yes. I pretty much live there and always make sure there is one within a few min. of my house so yes working with them is a dream. That being said. I am not a Halloween person. There I said, it I got it off my chest.  I don’t decorate for halloween like ever. It’s just not my thing. The first challenge however was spooky spaces. So I thought about what I could make. Since around here Halloween is just for the kids, I decided to make some interactive decoration just for the kids.

 A dress up pillow was perfect since Abbey LOVES the little dress up toys, you know the stickers or magnets those things. So I decided to make a dress up pumpkin pillow. It’s all made from felt since felt sticks to felt, and that way the faces don’t have to stay.

 So for the rest of the time you just have a cute little pumpkin pillow. Which would be good for the whole fall season.

 To make the pillow I used Felt all found at JoAnn Stores. For the white I used the by-the-yard felt and then I used small felt rectangles pre-cut for the pumpkins and face shapes. You could use felt glue if you really want, but I did some quick sewing and the whole pillow was done in less than 30 min. (you know because we are still doing 30 min craft month) I started with a large square. Then I cut two pumpkins and stems out.

 I simply stitched the pumpkins on by sewing around the edge. You could go all fancy and add in detail stitching if you wanted… but I didn’t.

 Then on the opposite side I cut a rectangle out for the “storage pocket” I stitched it in place along the sides and bottom.

 Then fold the whole square in half right sides together. Sew along the edges leaving an opening so you can turn the pillow right side out.

 Then turn the pillow right side out and fill with stuffing. Then turn the edges in and blind stitch the opening closed.

 Next I cut out a bunch of shapes. You know mouths, eyes, noses. Basically a lot of triangles 🙂

 Then put the parts in the back little pocket.

 They can easily be taken out to be played with whenever needed.

 Which is just kind of a bonus since it kept Abbey happily entertained for quite a while.

So that’s a look at our spooky space, which is maybe less spooky and more playful but still welcoming the halloween spirit. You can also check out more amazing celebrate the season crafts over HERE

And enjoy this coupon for all your seasonal crafting needs!