Today’s 30 min project is a fun new pattern from See Kate Sew. When I saw the bow on the Kaleidoscope Top I just new I had to make one. The lovely Kate gifted me a pattern because she is sweet as pie. It’s a quick and easy sew (even with the bow) and I loved the outcome.

 So does Penny who was desperate for a new top. So the pattern starts at 18m, and little Penny is not even close to that size (yet) so I cut the pattern down a bit, taking off some length, some sleeve length, and raising the armpit a bit. The outcome was an adorable little top that still has some room for her to grow into. I did also add neck ribbing to finish the neck since it helped take in the neck opening just a touch.

 I used a mix for florals and stripes because I love that trend right now and the fabrics are from Girl Charlee and some of my favorites. I just about used up the last of the floral and it makes me a little sad.


 So I thought I would share a few tips for sewing something in a 30 min window. Since this is 30 min. project month there are some things you can do to help maximize your time.
1) Cut out your patterns ahead of time. I know that my time with the three kids is limited, and like I said I get pretty lucky if I can sneak in 30 min. So one night after the kids go to bed I cut out as many things as I can. Maybe 3-4 patterns and then I stack all the pieces together so they are ready to go when I have the time.
2) Make sure all of your supplies are ready. Bobbins full, scissors handy, iron turned on. I use a mini ironing board that sits on the counter next to my sewing machine int encourages me to stop and press my seams and I don’t have to go far or waist time.
3)Read through the pattern ahead of time. If its a new pattern read the instructions carefully and study the pictures a bit. Then when you are ready to sew you don’t have to stop every two seconds and look up the next step
4) Have the instructions handy just in case. I never print instructions when I use PDF patterns I simply keep my laptop handy and have the pattern pulled up so if I need to I can check a step. Most projects that I can make in 30 min I have made enough times I could do it in my sleep, or they are so simple I don’t usually have to check the instructions, but these tips help you save time even if you have a 2 hour window instead of 30 min.

Just know that some things may take you longer, I have made many projects that take several sittings, when my sewing area was my dining room table that was a little more difficult since the mess needed to be packed away in order to eat dinner that night, but now that I have a designated space I am often mid project, sometimes it’s even left in the sewing machine mid stitch. You do what you have to do when family and kids come first ūüôā

Check out The Kaleidoscope Top for a fun quick project, Kate also has several other patterns that would be quick and fun sews. Like my favorite Recess Raglan, which I have made several of ūüôā