Yesterday I shared the sweatshirt I made Jude from the Submarine Pullover Pattern, and when you make one kid a new sweatshirt the other one may just ask… So Abbey got one too. There are plenty of girls out there who would wear a perfectly masculine sweatshirt, blue, green, plaid, they would love it and rock it. Abbey on the other hand is very girly. Everything must have pink, (or purple), she loves all things that have hearts, lace, flowers, you know all that good stuff. So I made the “boy style” as girly as possible.

 I had this wonderful mint sweatshirt knit found at a thrift store by my awesome neighbor. (really I have the best neighbor) I added lace trim, floral knit to line the hood and add heart shaped elbow patches, and I added length to make it tunic length.

 Perfect to be worn with leggings and leg warmers with boots. Just like Jude’s I added ribbing at the cuffs and waist I didn’t shorten Abbey’s sleeves either all though with the cuffs it made for rather long sleeves, since the length is long and the sleeves are long there will be more growing room.

 I LOVE the heart elbow patches. The knit was one from girl charlee and I knew that Abbey would love the floral print so even though I saw that it was a really thin knit I ordered it anyway. Well when it came it was like tissue paper thin, so I wasn’t really sure what I would do with it. Then I realized it would be perfect to line the hood since the sweatshirt knit would add stability and for the elbow patches I added fusible interfacing to make them sturdy since I didn’t want the hearts to warp all over and then I stitched them right on before sewing up the sleeves. **Tip you can hold the sleeve in place on the child’s arm to mark where the elbow is since it is more towards the back than the front.

 The lace trim is from Mood, I LOVE the girly touch it adds to anything you like and it’s super easy to use. I just added it between the seams. It all made the perfect girly sweatshirt.

Which made one little girly girl very happy.

Get the look:
Submarine Pullover Pattern  ||  Shwin Designs
Mint Sweatshirt fleece  ||  Thrifted
Floral Knit  ||  Girl Charlee
Tights  ||  Target
Leg Warmers  ||  Target
Boots  || GAP Outlet