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Glass Onion Top || Long Sleeves

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  1. Allison

    This is Too cute! I love it!

  2. Mikea

    I love this top! I have some blue guaze and now have to make this!! And need to find some pom pom trim. Thats adorable!

  3. Kim

    Hi, I am sewing the Glass Onion Top this weekend. I have read through the directions and have attempted to figure out the pleating. I am not sure if I have the pleating right. I looked at the example you have with the pattern, but the pictures are small and the fabric used makes it hard to tell which direction and where to fold (right side of fabric together or wrong side of fabric together ) ? Do you have any pictures of each section being folded? With a darker right sided fabric and lighter backside.


    1. Shauna

      Sorry I don’t have any other photos than the ones in the pattern. The folds will be on the right side and it will be wrong sides together to create each pleat. The pattern piece is also pretty clearly marked with the direction each pleat goes (arrows and fold lines) I hope that helps.

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