The Diamond Top || Quilted Knit Peplum || Unbiased Collection

In the process of making the Diamond dress pattern I made about 10 different tops and dresses, both in testing every element and remaking them as I would tweak things. However I had yet to make a solid colored top. I wanted to play around with just the seams and leave the top more subtle. I LOVE the seaming of the top, and even though it lends it’s self well to color blocking and pattern mixing I really wanted to play with a solid.


This quilted knit was calling my name, since I loved the texture, but solid color. However, I do have to say although I do love the top and I will wear it because it’s super comfortable, thick bulky quilted knit with no stretch recovery is not the best for the pattern. I was sure to add the elastic at the waistline to help bring it in a little since the waist started getting stretched out and was not bouncing back. (remember how I said no stretch recovery)

The Diamond Top || Quilted Knit Peplum || Unbiased Collection

I did the flared peplum version, which I really like, and I love the stiffness of the fabric for the skirt part. It flares off the body well.

The Diamond Top || Quilted Knit Peplum || Unbiased Collection

Even though the pattern does also come with a long sleeve option and I debated doing long or short sleeves, I went with the short sleeves for this since we are still having weather in the 90’s in September and I wanted to be able to wear this right away.

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