Today I have a layered skirt to share with you. I know I know gasp another skirt. But I love skirts. I am not a shorts wearer but I love skirts. They are feminine, comfy, and they help make your womanly curves look good. So on with the skirt.

I have seen skirts like this a lot. Here is what I love, layers without the ruffle. I mean let’s face it my hips are not as small as I would like them to be the last thing I really need is a ruffle cascading over them. I do however love the layered look. Here is what I hate. One NEVER will I be caught in a skirt that short. I am not 5 and I do believe in being modest and well dressing my age. Second I love lace. I don’t however think I like the idea that my slip is showing.

So this is what I came up with instead. A tiered skirt in grey so it goes with a lot of things, but I didn’t need another black skirt. Want to make one for your self? Or for any other little one in your life? Let’s get started.

What you need:
  • One old skirt (or fabric to make a skirt base)
  • Fabric cut in strips

Step 1: Take an old skirt. For me it was this basic black A line (the aline made this a little challenging a straight skirt or pencil skirt would make it easier but any kind will work) And you will need a pile of fabric cut into strips. for this I measured the whole width of the skirt (front and back) and this is how long the strips have to be. Then since I folded all my strips in half I made all of them 6 inches tall so that the final would be 3 inches. How many you will need depends on how long your skirt is but you can always cut more if you run out.

Step 2: Starting with the bottom of the skirt pin the first strip along the bottom edge. then sew in place. At the center back of the skirt is where you will want the 2 ends of the strip to match up you can either sew them together or let them overlap (sorry I didn’t get a picture of that part)

Step 3: make your way up the skirt overlapping your strips and sewing them in place. I overlapped my strips by 1 inch so 2 inches of the strips showed. When you sew you want to sew along the top edge so that the stitching is covered by the layers.

Step 4: Sew the strips all the way to the top then at the top take one last strip. Sew right sides together (right side of the strip to right side of the skirt) You want to sew the final strip so it will cover your last stitch line and then you will fold the strip up and over to the back. Sew it in place (this will make a waistband) Then you are done. So so easy.

Enjoy your creation!