I have made a lot of Kite Tees, I love them, my girls love them. (free pattern in my facebook group) Shortly after I started making them I decided to make one into a dress. It was a success and I finally took photos of it (it’s been almost a year so it’s starting to get a bit short but she still loves it and wears it often)

The Kite tee makes such a cute dress. Great drape and fullness. I love the high low hem line of the tee turned dress.

To turn the tee into a dress it’s as simple as adding length. To do this decide how much length you want to add, I added 6″ to do this, add 6″ along the angled edge following the angle down. Then add 6″ along the fold edge as well. Once you have those 2 points marked connect them using a curved edge like the original hem. You don’t have to worry about adding more to the back for the hi low hem since the pattern already has that. Just add the same amount of length to the front and back bodice pieces.

The result? A darling swing dress with high low hemline.