I recently saw this sweatshirt in a side ad. I don’t usually like animal print but there was something about that top that I thought was really cute. It was just a splash of animal print and that was perfect. So I knew I would have to make one.

I bought 1 yard of animal print knit so I could use bits and pieces here and there. For the pattern I used the Apple Loungewear pattern to color block this sweatshirt. I already color blocked this pattern once before and knew it would work perfect.

I don’t have a full tutorial on this one, since all I did was hack the pattern up and then sew it all back together. (oh and the bottom band is shorter than it should be since I was short on rib knit)

The quick low down on how to color block:

  • Cut pattern up where ever you want a seam to be.
  • Add seam allowance along every edge you cut
  • Sew the pattern back together to make the full pattern pieces
  • Follow the regular pattern instructions

It should also be noted when I cut the sleeve to color block I ended up cutting the bottom portion of the sleeve out on the fold, mainly because it just seemed easier to deal with less pieces at that point.

So in total, I cut the sleeves off from the bodice and then cut them into 4 pieces. I cut the bodice (front and back) into 3 pieces and then instead of cutting the middle section of the bodice out on the fold I added a seam allowance and cut double.