Recycled Tee Scarf || #recycle




























Recycle all of those tee shirts that you don’t wear anymore! Or use up the stash of knit scraps and make a comfy, cute Recycled Tee Scarf, its easy!

Recycled Tee Scarf || #recycle || Shwin&Shwin
STEP ONE: Grab a tee shirt and lay out flat.

Recycled Tee Scarf || #recycle || Shwin&ShwinSTEP TWO: Starting at the bottom, cut one inch wide rings. (You can use the hem if you want) You should get around 16 rings.

Recycled Tee Scarf || #recycle || Shwin&Shwin STEP THREE: Stretch out each ring and wrap around your hand three to four times. The more times you wrap around the shorter and thicker your scarf will be.

Recycled Tee Scarf || #recycle || Shwin&Shwin STEP FOUR: Carefully remove the rings from your hand and set aside. Repeat with each strip.
Recycled Tee Scarf || #recycle || Shwin&Shwin
STEP FIVE: Cut this two inch long strips from the remaining shirt. Stretch the strip out and tie two of the rings together. Tie together the rest of the rings creating a chain. You can leave it like that for a scarf or tie the chain together forming a circle scarf. (as pictured at top) Snip off the excess ties and you’re done!

Feeling extra festive? Use more than one tee shirt for a more colorful look.