Want a perfectly feminine top?
How about a lacy ruffle sleeve and scalloped lace neck detail?
Well you are in luck!

(Sorry the lighting is horrible)

You will need:

  • 1 shirt or fabric to make a shirt (or one of your husbands shirts like I used)
  • Lace

Step 1: So I used one of my husbands old shirts for this (yes old as in he no longer wore it and I suggest asking permission before taking) I laid one of my own tee’s over the shirt so I knew what to trim away. Then removed the sleeves, and opened them up.
If you are making this out of fabric trace on of your own shirts (leaving a seam allowance) and create two sleeves.
If you are making this out of one of your shirts it is easiest to sew on the ruffles if you take off your sleeves, but you don’t have to.

Step 2: Cutting strips out of the lace that over lap the sides of the sleeve and over lap each other on the sleeve line them up until the sleeve is covered.

Step 3: using a basting stitch (longest stitch) start in the middle and sew a straight line down each strip. Pull to gather.

Step 4: Starting at the top of the sleeve pin your ruffles and then sew them in place. (sorry I didn’t take a picture of the sleeve full of ruffles but there should be ruffles all the way down spaced close together)

Step 5: Sew right sides together to re-connect, or sew together the sleeve at the bottom. Then pin the sleeve right sides together to the shirt and sew in place. Do this to both sleeves.

Step 6: To add the scalloped neck detail trace the neckline on to paper

Step 7: Either by hand or by tracing something circular make a design of your choice along the neckline.

Step 8: Then cut it out. Cut 2 on a fold out of lace.

Step 9: Sew the two together at the shoulders.

Step 10: Sew right side to the inside of the shirt neckline, turn around to the outside of the shirt and top stitch in place then sew carefully around the outside of the lace following the scalloped line. Then you are done. You can also add some rosettes, or other embellishments if you wanted.

Enjoy wearing your creation.