Have a blank tee? Make some Tee Shirt Rosettes to easily and quickly embellish those tees. 
You will need:
  • 1 tee shirt
  • scraps of fabric cut into long thin strips
  • needle and thread
Step 1: Take one strip and starting at one edge fold the corner over and hand stitch it in place.
Step 2: fold over the strip and start wrapping it around and tacking it in place.
Step 3: As you wrap it around twist the strip.
Step 4: When you have it all wrapped up stitch across the back to secure it.
When you are done leave the thread so you can later attach it to the shirt. Do this as many times as you like I did 9 for my top.
Next grab your plain tee.
Step 5: Starting at the top, begin stitching them in place. Keep placing them around the neck, or as you like them.
Then you are done! Put on your top and love what you did!