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The Prom Dress (a mini tutorial)

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  1. Amanda

    I love that shade of purple! Great job! <br /><br />Amanda<br />

    1. herjoy

      I like it very much!

  2. Jessica at Me Sew Crazy

    very pretty…God, I can only pray that my daughters want something more modest when prom rolls around! please God, please God, please God, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  3. Amy Westphal

    That looks great! I actually like it better with the new straps than the silly spaghetti straps. Quick question- did you leave the spaghetti straps on or did you take them off? Also- by putting the straps so far to the sides on the back side, do you think there&#39;s a risk of them falling down? (I&#39;m totally not an expert at garments- but I&#39;m just curious from an engineering standpoint)

  4. Gala Jewelry

    This dress looks much much better now. I love it.

  5. Shauna@shwinandshwin

    Amy,<br />I was planing on leaving the straps on and using them as my guide, but they got in my way so I cut them off. So in the front the wider straps went centered over the old strap and in the edge of the strap started where the old strap was and then it was sewn in place along the edge. So basically instead of centering it I moved it over an extra inch or so. The straps were made short enough

  6. casserole

    Love the new straps!! They&#39;re so much prettier than the original!<br /><br />I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:<br /><br /><br />–Anne

  7. Emily

    What a great idea! It turned out great (and not frumpy). 🙂 Good job on the hand sewing.

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