What can I say, we are “Project Runway” inspired shwins. After seeing so many zipper embellishments I couldn’t wait to try something of my own.

What you’ll need:
~A purse/bag you want to reinvent
~ 1 1/2 yards Wrights zipper trim inspired by Project Runway or two 18” heavy duty zippers (cut off connector on the bottom)
~ One all purpose 7” zipper (cut off connector on bottom)
~ Needle & thread
~ Super glue or fabric glue
~ 18” long large chain
~ 20” long medium chain
~ Needle nose pliers
~Heavy duty scissors

You will need your zipper trim, needle & thread and super glue or fabric glue. I prefer using super glue for this as it dries much quicker.
STEP ONE: Cut a 3” strip of trim. Start on one end of trim, begin wrapping zipper around itself forming a small rosette. Stitch in place.

STEP TWO: Cut 5” strip of trim, starting where you left off wrap around the center and stitch in place.

STEP THREE: Continue with sections, wrapping zipper around the center and start to twist and fold the zipper back into itself for desired shape. (see picture below) As the flower gets thicker and stitching is harder you can use fabric/super glue. Using glue at this stage makes it really easy to get the shape you want. Put a drop of glue and hold zipper in place until dry. (This is why super glue is really handy)


STEP ONE: Cut the end off of your all purpose zipper. Take one side of the zipper and place a drop of glue on one end and fold it over on itself, teeth facing outwards, making a ribbon. (see
picture below) Repeat on other zipper.

STEP TWO: Position the zipper ribbons on the purse. Place a drop of glue on the back and press firmly on purse. If your purse is thin enough you can stitch it in place as well. Repeat with second ribbon.

STEP THREE: Glue or stitch zipper flower on bag over the ribbon ends.

STEP FOUR: Detach strap from purse.

STEP FIVE: Take your two different chains. Using needle nose pliers open the end of each chain and attache it to one side of the purse and squeeze shut.

STEP SIX: Weave the smaller chain through the larger chain as shown below. When finished weaving the chains should be the same length. If not take off any extra.

STEP SEVEN: Attach the ends of both chains to the other purse strap and viola! You have a new stylish purse!