Remember when I said I had a serious pile of clothes to refashion for this fall/winter? Well here is another one. This is a sweater that I bought a while back and while I love the color and the fact that it is super comfy. I hated that it had the turtle neck. I mean I love the look of turtle necks but I always feel like they are choking me, and they make my hair really staticy ( I doubt that is even a word) They just aren’t my thing, but I bought it anyway cause I always think I will make it work, and I don’t. So I changed it. (and you have to totally excuse the various colors in the pictures I took these late at night since that is when I did this.)
So first I turned the sweater inside out and folded the front and back so the side seams matched up. Then I cut off the neck.

Then out of the neck I cut neckline pieces.

I connected the neckline pieces to make a neckline.

Then since I wanted the lining to be on the outside I pined right side of the collar to wrong side of the shirt (you could to right sides together if you want it on the inside) Then sew along the neckline.

Turn it around to the outside (or inside if that’s how you roll) and top stitch it down.

Then I added some ruffle lace trim in three layers around the neckline. 

Finally I added some sew on studs to one side of the neckline for a little asymmetric action. 
That’s it. It took all of about 20 min and I had a whole new sweater.
It’s really hard to take pictures of myself… It’s not my thing but here you go.

So go make over a sweater, it fun. and if you want more fabulous ideas for making over sweaters you should check out Grosgrain Fabulous. She is doing embellish knit month and they are awesome!