Am I crazy? Maybe just a little but when I saw this pleather at the store I thought, sure that could be fun, and it is. My little miss who is frequently the princess of the household (and somedays the queen) today she was a rockstar. I am actually working on a pretty great tunic to go with these, but for now the leggings. 
Today’s Leggings were inspired by Andy’s designs.  He did a lot of work this season with texture, black, shine, and well leggings of course. So let’s get started
to start we are going to make some leggings, this same technique can be used to make any legging. It is quite easy really, find a pair of leggings, they will be your pattern. For the pleather leggings, since pleather has no stretch as leggings typically do (so these are really nothing more than a skinny pant) I used a loose fitting pair of leggings that my daughter had. So keep that in mind as you are making your own. (for regular knit leggings use a pair that fits how you like) I pin them down and then we will cut.
When cutting them make sure and leave seam allowance and extra room at the top and bottom for hemming and elastic, you will also want to stretch the waistband (since you will add elastic later) That is why the black is wider at the top than the legging is.  I cut 2 of these cutting the flat side of the legging (the right side) on the fold.
You should have two pieces that look a little something like this

Then pin right sides together along the leg part, and sew in place, stop at the crotch. (do this for both legs)

    Then with right sides together put one leg in the other leg. Then you will sew the loop.
Then I hemmed the bottom of the pants

Then Fold over the top to make your elastic casing. I used 1/8 inch elastic for mine and had two rows, you can do one row with wider elastic if you rather. Just be sure and leave an opening for you to put the elastic in. 

Then add the elastic

I added two little pearl buttons to the front for a little feminine flair. 

Then you’re done! Pretty easy right? This same method can make any legging, skinny pant, jeggings, anything and it could not be easier. 

Your little rock star may just love the new pants as well

caution rock star pants may come with rock stat attitude.