Raise your hand if you are sick of winter… Likely if you live in a snowy tundra this time of year like I do then you are ready for some sunshine. We got a tease of sunshine and warmth during our vacation in Florida but it wasn’t nearly enough though. Now that we are back home we miss the sunshine. I have been dreaming of this top and decided I just had to make it even if we are still just dreaming of sunshine.
Also I have a free pattern for you to download if you like.
It is approximately sized 18-24 months.
Don’t worry if that is not the size you need I will show you how to make your own pattern any size you need.

For the Download:
Click HERE

Need to make your own? here is how:

1. Make the back yoke piece. Grab a shirt that fits well and fold it in half line the fold up with the edge of the paper. Then trace along the neckline and shoulder. Go about 1.5 inches down the arm.
2. Measure how far down you want the curved piece to be from the top neckline of the shirt and mark that length down the edge of the paper. Then connect the point at the shoulder to the bottom mark with a curve.
4. (sorry there was no 3 typo I guess) For the front yoke piece trace the curve and shoulder of the back yoke piece and then draw in a lower neckline.
5. Lastly the bodice piece move the yoke piece (front or back) in from the edge of the paper about 1.5 inches. then trace the curve up till about 1 inch from the shoulder. Also you want to put in a armpit slope, then at a slight angle the bodice piece can be as long or short as you like.

Mark the bodice piece where the yoke piece begins, and mark the yoke piece where the bodice piece begins. You will need those marks later.

For cutting out:
from the outer material cut:
1 bodice piece on the fold
2 bodice pieces not on the fold
1 front yoke piece on the fold
2 back yoke pieces not on the fold

Cut the same out of a lining material only make the bodice pieces 2 inches shorter.
I used a stretch cotton sateen for the outer
and a lightweight cotton for the lining.

For the sewing I used the lining to show for the pieces so you could see the thread. You will do the same steps for the outer and lining pieces.

Start by gathering your bodice pieces between the marks. (the marks where the yoke piece started.

sew the front yoke piece to the front bodice piece along the curve.
Make sure you line the bodice piece up at the marks. 
Then it should look like this.
Gather the back pieces as you did the front only you will gather them from the mark to the edge. Then sew them to the back yoke piece. Then sew the front and back pieces together at the shoulders. 
Now you should have outer and lining pieces that are sewn at the shoulders.
Next put the two pieces right sides together and sew them along the neckline.
clip the neck curve. Then turn the piece right side out. 
Top stitch the neckline.
Next turn under the edge of the outer and lining material along the shoulder. Then sew in place.
Next lay the top out flat so the lining and outer are right sides up. Lift up the two ends so right sides are together then sew them together. Then turn the piece around. The lining was cut shorter to create a bubble hem.
Next piece the sides together so that right sides are together. Then sew them together.
1.Next fold back panels over the front panels so right sides are together for the outer and lining pieces.
2. With the layers lined up which will create a circle of sorts. sew along the raw edge.
3. then lay it out flat.  
Next put a zipper in the back, and sew the back seam together under the zipper.
The top should be all sewn.
Lastly the finishing touches. I grabbed some beads and laid out a design I liked, then I sewed the beads on.
* use caution when using sewn on beads with young children
Then that’s it. Your little one is ready for some sunshine
Or at least dreaming of some sunshine…
And until it comes the top is perfectly paired with a cardigan and jeans.