Do you have one of these beds?

So do I (*sigh*) It is the joy of my young son’s life and the bane of my existence. You see, when my son was just a wee little one we moved into our home (our first home) so I painted his room all cute and calm , complete with little trees. (See photo below)

I loved it. I love the soothing color, and I loved the crisp white bed as contrast. Now I knew the boy would grow up and the room would not last forever but I didn’t think that would happen just because we got him a toddler bed.
We wanted the transition to be easy for him since when we got him the bed he was just over 18 months. So we got him a bed that had characters from his favorite movie on it. (in reality they were sold out of the white bed I wanted and so we went with the one we knew he would like) He is now 3 and a half and well I was sick of seeing the bright red and blue bed in the room (sorry kiddo) So since I made him THIS I thought we could make a bargain and he would be fine with me making over his bed. He agreed. And he loves his new bed.

Want to know how to do it? Maybe you have a toddler bed needing a makeover. Or maybe you have a hand me down bed that will be going to an opposite sex sibling, like this bed that will soon go to my daughter. Whatever the reason, this is super easy to do.

So first I tipped the bed up and traced the head and foot boards on to some tag board (you could trace right on to the fabric but I like making a little template first.

See I have my head and foot board traced. Then cut it out

Cut it out of fabric then you will need two each. I used this awesome houndstooth fleece. I recommend using something with a little stretch since it will be a snug fit. If you don’t have stretch give a little extra room for seam allowance when you cut.

Then I sewed right sides together for the foot and head board pieces. I also added some piping along the edge of mine. Oh and don’t sew along the bottom.

Then for the foot piece I measured along the bottom of the piece and cut a strip about 2 inches thick and as long as the bottom and sewed that to one side of the bottom. I did this because the foot board is all exposed in the room and so I wanted to cover the whole thing (you will see later)

Then slide your foot cover on. See how the flap you added is at the bottom?

I cut a slit so it fit around the base rails.

Then wrap that strip underneath and meet it with the other side. I used a stitch like you would if you were giving someone stitches, (weird thought I know but it is the best I could describe it)

Around the bottom my fabric didn’t quite make it but that is fine with me since that is the inside of the bed and no one will see but you get an idea of the stitch.

Then you are done with the foot board

For the head board I just slid it on. It stays in place great and since it is up against the wall there was no need to sew it.

Then you are done with your toddler bed makeover.

And for me the room was restored. Oh and my son LOVES his new bed. (which with a soft pink blanket will also make the perfect girls bed)