I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween! We enjoyed some time with friends and family as our little pirates filled up with candy. It was a great little break from crafting. Now that I am refreshed and back into the swing of creating. I caught up on my project runway. WOW! What an inspiring collection shown by Mondo. He has been my favorite all season long, but his final show blew me away! I would love to own every piece he sent down the runway! For now some looks inspired by his but tailored for my mini me will have to do. We will start with the High waisted plaid pant. I sketched these out the first time he did a high waisted pant and now the plaid, well I just love it.
Here are Mondo’s beauties. I love the high waist, straight leg, and color pop belt, oh and the plaid. So I took that and made my own toddler creation… let’s get started…
First I used a pair of my daughter jeans as my pattern and cut around them making the legs wider and the top much taller.(you will cut out 4 pieces two for each leg)

then sew along the straight line connecting two of the pieces and then up to the crotch on the other side. Do this for both legs so you have two tubes.

I also put a cuff on the bottom of my pants, just for fun to do this I cut two rectangles for each leg the same width as the bottom of the pant and I sewed along the sides. Then I folded it in half seam side in.

I placed the cuff right sides together with the pant leg and sewed along the raw edge.

Then putting right sides together put one leg in the other and sew along the raw edge.

Then I folded over the top edge to make a casing for the elastic. I only put elastic in the back so the front would lay flat. To do this sew around the edge you folded down but leave two openings (one at each side seam) instead of one as you would normally. Then slide the elastic in at one opening and the other opening allows you to remove the safety pin. Sew the elastic in place at each side seam. 

To create the appearance of a colorful belt I sewed a ribbon across the front of the pant. 

Then you are done. Super easy and simple.(The directions seemed really fast, but I promise it is just because they are really easy to make ask me if you have any questions)

Mind you my daughter did not want to stand still or get her picture taken so you get these lovely shots, but such is life.

This may be her attempt at a model like pose… or she was rolling around on the floor but either way…

Tomorrow I will share a great “Mondo” top. till then