Today we are going to make the pocket full of posies shirt. It is a ruffled sleeve raglan. I love a raglan sleeve, but sometimes it can look sort of sporty, you know like a baseball shirt, which is a fine look but not what I was hoping for. To add a feminine flair I add a little ruffle on the sleeve. Bonus the pattern is really easy to make. 

You can use a regular tee to make the pattern you just have to fake a raglan sleeve to create the pattern. So grab a shirt that fits well. I made my pattern on freezer paper since it is big enough but you can use anything. Start by laying the shirt flat so the fold of the sleeve lines up with the edge lay the shirt so the edge meets all the way up to the collar. As pictured above.

Then fold the shirt over on to the sleeve so it covers the edge. you should have a nice angle, as seen above. 

Then starting at the neckline trace around the shirt and the angle.

Then to allow room for the ruffle move the shirt down, (make sure the sleeve still lines up with the edge.) Trace from the armpit down the sleeve to the cuff. Then connect the angle so the top of the sleeve should be long. 

Then fold the shirt in half and fold back the other sleeve to the same angle so only the “bodice” part is exposed and is folded. Line it up to the edge and trace around the edge from the neckline, down the angle, to the armpit and then down the side of the shirt.

Now is a good time to adjust the length if you want to, I wanted it to be more tunic length so I added a few inches to the bottom.

Then you are done with your pattern two simple pieces. The sleeve and bodice. Cut 2 of each on the fold. 
Then take both sleeve pieces and sew a basting stitch about half way down from the neckline to the armpit. Do this to both sides.

Then gather the sleeves and sew them to the bodice pieces matching up the angles.

Once you sew the sleeves to the front and back of the bodice lay it flat and you will sew starting at the end of one sleeve down the sleeve and turning at the armpit to go down the side of the shirt. The same on both sides.

Then you should have the basic shirt done.

Then to finish the neck you can do a lot of things, I cut out a little neckline piece and sewed it to the right side of the shirt

Then turned it around to the inside and top stitched it in place.

Then for the pocket I cut out 2 pocket shapes and sewed them together and then turned it right side out so it was a finished little pocket.

I added a little silk ribbon to the top and sewed it to the top. Easy as pie. 

Then you have a little ruffled sleeve raglan. It was really easy and went together with pictures in about an hour. I am sure I will be making a dozen more 🙂
want to add the flowers click HERE)