I worked on a dress for today, and finished it, then tweaked it, then tweaked it some more. I think I finally got it how I wanted it but then my little model went to bed. (she also may have spilled ketchup on it so it needs to be cleaned anyway) So I will post that tomorrow and it will be my last and final holiday dress made only from fabric (or clothing) that I had on hand. (did you notice that theme from the holiday dresses?) What am I doing today? Kicking back with my good friend the computer and going through all the fabulous entries that we got for project toddler runway. Then because technology is the best thing ever I get to video chat with my shwin and our mom (the third surprise judge) and we get to make the hardest decision ever. Seriously it will be difficult everyone who entered something did an outstanding job!! You won’t believe the creativity and I can’t wait to see more! In case you are wondering, yes there was enough interest (although one person would have been enough 🙂 so we will have a link party throughout the competition, we just Love seeing all the great creations!!
Thanks for everyone who tried out!
More to come this week!