Project Toddler Runway PTR Challenges

Week 4 Projects

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  1. Britta

    I think this was the hardest week yet. All the projects were so cute. I think all the contestents outdid themselves this week.

  2. Anonymous

    Nice job everyone! #5 just makes me wanna be a cowgirl again, so so adorable and the skirt is so detailed with the pick up drawstrings and lots of ruffles. <3

  3. Jayna Rae

    Seriously! How can I pick? They are all AMAZING!!!! I can totally see shifting them back to boys outfits for my little guy. He actually has a maroon Gymboree Varsity sweater that looks almost identical to that striped one.

  4. Sara

    Everyone I scrolled down to, I thought "THIS is the one I'm voting for!" I agree that this is the hardest week for voting. WOW!

  5. Pam Marshall

    #4. Just too cute.<br />There al awesoe.<br />But I&#39;d love to do that for my granddaughters.

  6. Anonymous

    I took pictures for a tutorial – keep an eye out after voting&#39;s over!

  7. michelleml

    I love #3 Little Miss Newsie everyone did an outstanding job. You guys are so talented <br /><br />Michelle

  8. ~Beth D.

    Someone how, I missed voting time! So, I can say that I loved parts and all of each outfits. Good job, everyone! tough choices for places a vote anyway. Now, I don&#39;t have to decide.

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