As you may remember we had some trouble with the first poll as it stopped taking in votes. Which is why we switched to the ever so trusty side bar for voting. I wanted to post the results from that first poll since we will be adding them to the side bar poll for the final results. 
So if anyone is curious about where everyone stands here are the first votes:
Cranberry Dress: 17
Pink and White Dress: 6
Gnome Skirt: 9
Jacket and Hat: 9
Blue Dress: 11
Wakadoo Dress: 23
Ruffled Scarf: 10
Queen of Hearts Dress:9
Newsboy Suit:23
Red Sweater Dress: 15
Kimono Dress: 17
Rockstar Dress: 57
Blue Ruffle Shirt: 13
Wool Jacket: 15
Ruffle Shirt and Skirt: 13

Results from 205 voters 
Thank you everyone for all the votes! It has been so fun to read the comments rooting for your favorite! I wish all the ladies good luck they are all so talented! 
Remember poll closes Christmas morning and then next week we get to meet the top 10! Also we will be back to crafting and sewing but we are loving some family time right now and hope you are too!