Project Toddler Runway

Project Toddler Runway

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  1. Refugee Crafter

    I think a weekly link party is a GREAT idea! I wanted to participate so badly, but I just can't commit to a project a week right now. This sounds like something I can do. Yippee! I love what you do here!

  2. April

    a linky party is really easy just sigh up for a free account a and it explains everything…trust me…if I can do it…anybody can!

  3. Jacqueline

    Linky party sounds great! I want to enter but not sure that I have anything competition worthy

  4. Andrea @

    I finally sent in my entry. Nothing like last minute!

  5. Shanna

    I am so excited for this, whether I am "IN" or "OUT"! Project Runway is my all time fav, how can you not love it!? and Linky party sounds fun!

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