Project Toddler Runway PTR Challenges

Week 3 Projects

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  1. Admitted Fabricaholic

    Absolutely LOVE #4 & #7! Want them for myself!!! Too cute 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I have a question actually regarding #1, the picture on the hanger, of the coat appears to have a tag, was the entire coat made by hand or was it just embellished?

  3. Karen G.

    Any chance we can find out at the end who made each of the gorgeous outfits and get tutorials for all of them (from those willing to make one!)? I just adore so many and would love to know how to make them–or have a quick explanation for guidance. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous

    No tag- that's part of the hanger:) It was all made by hand

  5. Taylor {Sew Much Love}

    Wow! So many really cute entries! I think that sequins cardi has to be my favorite though!

  6. April

    I love them all everyone did such an awesome job!

  7. Jayna Rae

    All lovely! But that Sweet Grace, what a beautiful piece. I love that she went bold. I also love the hey Miley cardi because it has that sweet and simple everyday wearability.

  8. Anonymous

    Hi,<br /><br />All of these are beautiful. All so different and so nice! May I ask where the $.99 sequin fabric came from? I can never find it so cheap!<br /><br />Thanks!<br /><br />Again-nice work everyone!<br />Daniele

  9. Shwin W

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments the contestants really did do a great job! As for who they are, yes I always link up the names with the designs after voting has closed. If you click on the past challenges you can see the names of who made them. Tutorials are not required from the contestants but many of them have done them or will do them and I link those as well.

  10. Anonymous

    I found the $.99 fabric at Hancocks! I think it was clearanced out but still on the shelf because it wasn&#39;t marked or anything and the other sequins were all $4!

  11. Michelle@Somedaycrafts

    Hello Shwin Sisters and all those competiting! I have been blown away with every project the last 3 weeks. I seriously can&#39;t believe that people can come up with clothing like this without a pattern. I am featuring this contest over at along with everything on this blog because more people need to see it! Grab my &quot;featured&quot; button.

  12. Anonymous

    I Love Love Love the coat and hat, I think it is age appropriate and looks adorable!!! I want it for my 7 year old!!

  13. Anonymous

    Girls night out is SO adorable!

  14. Refugee Crafter

    Just finished my project inspired by week three. Thank you so much for hosting this contest. I&#39;ve had so much fun watching and playing along!<br /><br />Blogged here:<br />

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