The week is up and it’s time to see the amazing creations for this week’s challenge. Everyone did an amazing job! Every week I am blown away!
So in no particular order here are this week’s projects:

#1 Fur trim coat
[email protected] Naptime Crafters
“Your little princess will be snuggly warm and stylin’ to boot in her fur trimmed Winter Wonderland Hat and Coat. She’ll turn heads wherever she goes!
The real beauty of the Winter Wonderland Hat and Coat is in the details. The coat is lined with a layer of cozy fleece and then a layer of luxurious pink satin- perfect for a princess! Velvety ribbon trim surrounds the waist, accents the pockets, and forms button loops on the coat and hat for an extra touch of elegance. 
Bring on the snow- your little darling is set to take it on with style!”
#2 Girls night out
[email protected] Celebrate the Madness 

This week was the most challenging for me yet!  When we first got word of sequins, fur and feathers….I was dumbfounded!  I took a deep breath and then recalled a certain Roberto Cavalli sequined skirt that I just loved.  Fast forward…I could not get the perfect sequined fabric due to time contraints, but I had a “Make it Work” moment!  So I give you the perfect outfit for the “mini” Girl’s Night Out!  Perfect for going to a fancy dinner with your mom, or walking around the mall with your girlfriends!  The reversible shrug is an original pattern.  It has faux fur zebra on one side, and a faux black on black alligator on the reverse.  I have embellished a plain white cami tank with a bold flowing ruffled detail in soft feather-lite fabric.  Finally, just the right amount of playfulness, the sequin mini!  It is worn tastefully with a pair of leggings.  With a wide elastic waist band and fully lined for modesty, it is the perfect eye catching piece for the girl who likes to have fun!

#3 Ruffle your Feathers
[email protected] Brickstory
When we received this challenge I was pretty quick to nix the fur and focus on the sequins and the feathers (maybe I’m already over this season we call winter  – what can I say?). So with light, breezy, and a little boho in mind, an evolution of ideas turned into the “Ruffle Your Feathers” look. The pants and the pocket  are an upcycle from fabric of an old dress and the top was made using an old tunic.  The ruffles are everywhere – the trim, back of the top, the bottom of the pants, and on the pocket. Where’s the feather you ask? Well it floated right around and landed on the back. This baby’s ready for the beach!
#4 Sweet Grace
[email protected] Wildflowers and Whimsy
 I went back and forth a bit for this week’s project.  I was so excited when I heard the theme for this week.  I am all about glamour and over the top, but then I started wondering if I should do something more practical.  Then, I realized there will probably never again be another time where I will have a legitamate reason to make a dress out of feathers!  So I went for it.  I had no clue how I was going to make the skirt so I was going to make it simple and do a plain shirred top but then I found the most adorable simplicity pattern.  Ironically, it is one of the new Project Runway patterns.  Then, I got to thinking I could make something both practical and glamourous.  So, I made the feather skirt detachable so that you can put it on when you really want a glamourous look or you can just wear the dress as is.  The feather overskirt has a satin waist with two gorgeous vintage rhinestone buttons from my great grandmother’s stash as the closure.  And of course she needed a lovely headpiece, so I made her a huge feather clip to match. I used crepe back satin for the main part of the dress because when it frays, it has a feather effect.  For the petals on the bodice, the straps, and the hem I cut the pieces and left them for a while on my work table so that I would have to move them around now and again. Once they got a beautiful natural feathered fray, I overcast them.  It’s one of those lovely details the pictures miss. I also sewed the satin on the crepe side because I loved the texture with the feathers and it still has a shine to it without being so overdone that you could only wear it for a special occasion. I wish I could show you all the little close up details that went into this dress but I just don’t have enough pics….   She really looked beautiful in it and it made me think of Grace Kelly the way she walked around in it…hence the name.

#5 La petite Gown
[email protected] Creative Mammas
La petite fille aux Champs-Élysées: The Little Girl on the Champs-Élysées (French)
She glides down the boulevard in her glamorous ebony gown wrapped in a faux zebra stole.  C’est chouette! On her promenade, she will surely catch the eye of each passer-by.
Honestly, when this challenge was presented, I had some trouble getting excited about it. I wanted to make something that was practical and could be used as part of your everyday wardrobe. Then it occurred to me, this was my chance to go all out! So that’s what I went for! I tried to portray the glamour of sequins, feathers and fur.
I decided to try a verticle ruffle and a bustle. I thought it could either be really great or a big flop. Thankfully it turned out as I had hoped!
The sequins are fashioned into a belt on the empire waist that adds to the luxury of the gown. The faux fur stole in a zebra print gives the gown an added flair and the feathers are in an eye catching hair piece that compliments its style and colors!
Needless to say, by the time I finished this challenge, it ended up being really fun!
Nothing says glamour more than La petite fille aux Champs-Élysées.

#6 Plum Pleats
[email protected] A Jennuine Life

I wanted to go away from a dress for this glam-inspired challenge, so this pinafore top and tuxedo-style pants with plum pleats was born.  The pinafore top is reversable to a coordinating button fabric with sparkly threads in it.  The pleats along the bottom of the pinafore and the pants add a nice bit of structured detail.  Bands of sequins on the top and bottoms and a small accent on the pants pocket give some glittery interest.  Every little girl all dressed up for a fancy event needs a little jewelry, so a pleated and sequined fabric bracelet with a snap closure tops it all off.
#7 Hey Miley Cardi
[email protected] Extraordinary Bree

I’ve been eyeballing a sequin cardigan for myself for some time now but just haven’t taken the plunge seeing as they are so expensive and not really something I’d be able to wear very often.  So when this challenge came up, I knew exactly what I’d make!  A mini sequin cardigan… we’ll call it practice for a much larger one.
When my kids saw it they asked why I was making a Hannah Montana costume.  And so we call this the “Hey Miley! Cardigan”
I made it using 1 yard of $.99 sequin fabric and it’s fully lined to keep the itchies away.  I also made the tissue tee and, though you can’t see it, it has matching sequin cuffs on the shoulders.  And I’m sure Miley wouldn’t be caught dead in this cardi without a pair of skinny jeans, whipped up in under 20 minutes!