I am sharing the tutorial on the owl dress today. It is really easy to make, (really easy) You may remember the Pocket full of Posies shirt. I originally made the pocket full of posies shirt for project run and play, it was going under the cape. But it just didn’t look quite right… I loved the pattern but the color and details needed more so I did the owl dress instead. To re-mix it just a bit I made it longer, added a turtle neck and added more of a “puff” to the sleeve. 
To start I used this shirt. You can find the best colors and fabrics from your closet. You will want to use a fabric that stretches two ways so it fits comfortably. 

First make your pattern like you would for the pocket full of posies shirt. But I cut the sleeve pattern and added a few inches. (it adds to the puff)
Also I added a few inches to the bottom so it was more of a dress sleeve.
Then sew the dress as shown in the pocket full of posies shirt.

To make the turtle neck cut a strip (that will be folded in half) The strip should stretch enough to fit over your childs head, but small enough that it will look ok around the neck of the kid.

Then sew the ends together to create a tube and fold the tube in half so the seam is on the inside.

Then pin the raw edge of the neck to the neckline of the top.

Then sew them together. You will stretch the neck part to fit on the bodice, as you sew.

now you have a turtle neck

for the owl I used a heat transfer pencil and drew an owl on some regular paper. Then Iron it on to the shirt and I followed the line to embroider my owl. 
That’s all there is to it.