Today is the day for the first Project Toddler Runway Challenge! 
Coming up with the challenges for each week was a lot of fun! We got to go through all the past seasons of Project Runway and find some of our favorite challenges. 
The first Challenge of Season 2 in Project Runway was when they had to create an outfit using the clothes they were wearing right then. Well us Shwins are big on reinvention, so of course we had to include this challenge. 
Each of the contestants have to make an article of clothing using an old item of clothing. 
We are not as mean as the show and we did not make the ladies part with the shirt they were actually wearing, but rather any item of clothing they want to make over. 
Projects will post on Friday! Good luck Ladies!
(if you want to play along we will have a link party on Saturday for you to share your refashions)