Looking for the final week projects? Well they won’t post til next Friday since the contestants were given two weeks for the final looks. Instead I thought I would take this moment to look back over the final three contestants looks from each week. It’s pretty amazing when you see all the looks in one place, these ladies have worked so hard!
So in alphabetically order (so no favorites were being played) 
Here are the final 3 contestants:

Chelsea From Creative Mammas
She shares the blog with her sister, and they have a ton of amazing party ideas, decorating ideas and many other crafts.
Here is a re-cap of her adorable pieces:
Audition Piece
Wool Jacket
Up-Cycle Challenge
Military Ensemble

Flower in your hair challenge
“First Love”

Sequins, Feathers and Fur challenge
La Petite Gown

Inspired By Boy Challenge
Still A Princess

Denim Challenge
Goody Two Shoes

Design with meaning challenge
For Love… and the Game

Next We Have:
Lacey From BrickStory
Lacey shares some great fashion inspiration she finds all over the web. I love her darling blog and all the lovely inspiration as well as some tidbits about her inspiration for project toddler runway.
 Here is a recap of her beautiful looks:
Audition Piece
Wackadoo Dress
Upcycle Challenge
Preppy Blazer
Flower in your hair challenge
Garden Party
Sequins Feathers and Fur Challenge
Ruffle your Feathers 
Inspired by Boy Challenge
Geek Chic
Denim Challenge
Going Gala-Vanting
Design with Meaning Challenge
To Saylorville, With Love

And Last but certainly not least we have:

Shanna from Celebrate the Madness.
Shanna shares a few tutorials from her project toddler runway creations as well as some funny and endearing quips from life. Here is a re-cap of her awe inspiring creations so far:
Audition Entry
Rockstar Dress
Up-Cycle Challenge
Big Top Dress
Wear a Flower in Your Hair Challenge
Funny Valentine
Sequins Feathers and Fur Challenge
Girls Night Out
Inspired By Boy Challenge
Little Cowgirl
Denim Challenge
Fun Flairs
Design With Meaning Challenge
Daddy’s Little Patriot
These ladies are all so talented and I am amazed at all the hard work that went in to each look! 

Now in true Project Runway style we dropped a surprise challenge on them this weekend. (we figured it would be fair since they had an extra week to complete everything) So for the Final Challenge they had to design 3 pieces, We went ahead and challenged them to add a fourth, but not just any fourth piece, a piece for a different child that corresponds with the other 3 pieces. A companion piece. Hopefully it will provide some good inspiration for those of us with multiple kids who want to dress them alike without being twins…I am so excited to see what they come up with! The Projects Post next Friday but we will be doing some more project toddler runway stuff through the weekend.