This weekend We have done some major re-working on the blog. We started this blog 5 months ago and we are 1 tutorial away from our 100th tutorial! It has been so much fun! However it was starting to look like info just threw up on to our blog… The wearable tutorials was one monster list alone. So you may notice we broke everything up into categories to try and make it easier to find a tutorial that meets your fancy. With the exciting news of our 100th tutorial, we have some more exciting news. We started a flickr group! You will find the link at the top of the page just click on the tab that says Flickr, then up load your pictures either something you made following one of our tutorials, Like our reader Jessica shared with us the picture above of the petal sleeve top she made, or you can upload something you made for the project toddler runway challenges. We LOVE to see what you all make! There are some seriously talented ladies out there! Last piece of exciting news, Monday we are launching our first sew-along with a free pattern to download! It goes along with the challenge for next week so we will take a break from the other tutorials that will still come. I am also still getting all the links up and reorganizing the Project Toddler Runway stuff, that will be done soon and then you can easily find your favorite projects and how to make them (when the how to was shared) So have fun uploading your pictures! And we will see you back here Monday for the Sew-Along!