The Project Toddler Runway is coming to an end. We had a really close race this week with some extremely amazing designs! The final four competitors are all very talented and very inspiring designers.
The winner this wee was [email protected] Celebrate the Madness
Great job Shanna, your dress was darling and the story behind it was touching.

The hard part, of course is that someone has to go home and this week it is:
[email protected] A Jennuine Life.
Jenn, your dress was so cute! And so very creative, I especially loved seeing the picture that inspired the creation. What a lovely tribute. You will be missed!
The contestants are now busy creating their final “look” which will be 3 separate pieces! They can use the pieces to be three separate looks or to complete one look. They have totally freedom to create whatever their minds can dream up and with the talent these ladies have I am sure it will be good! 
In true Project Runway fashion they get extra time to complete the final looks and  so the Projects will post February 25th. 
I can’t wait to see what they come up with!