Project Toddler Runway PTR Challenges

Week 5 Projects

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  1. Susie

    #2 Goody Two Shoes has my vote! Now I'm worrried, I want to know if my favorite designer missed out this week!!

  2. Anonymous

    #3 Orange Birdie is just the cutest thing! It's something I would totally buy for my little one – she should sell that idea to Baby Gap! #3 – you definitely get my vote!

  3. Jayna Rae

    I love that birdie applique too. What lovely creations, and so brave with denim.

  4. Anonymous

    hands down…goodie two shoes!! So cute!!

  5. Terra

    Is there anywhere where you list who made what after the voting is over? All I could find is who made the one with the most and least votes.

  6. Anonymous

    Could it be? Someone found my old closet from the 70&#39;s? I luv luv luv &quot;Fun Flares&quot; I would so wear this if it were in my size. The material is awesome.<br /><br />Goody Two Shoes is cute as well, but I just saw a the same dress that was made with a bigger ruffle, on blog.<br />I am loving all the pattern free items that have been created, to me that is true talent in design!!

  7. BrittaandGeorge

    I am so glad no one is going home this week because the voting is so hard. They all did such a great job. I really love all their creativity.

  8. Dacia

    Great job everyone! I love, love, love #2-Goody Two Shoes. Who would have thought denim could look so good as an entire dress?

  9. Anonymous

    I can&#39;t even imagine how difficult all those gathers must have been on Orange Birdie! That one&#39;s got my vote!

  10. HappyFolk

    I need the pattern for #2 ASAP!~ 😀 I have a little girl who would go NUTS for that dress!

  11. Courtney

    It looks like the San Marino Pattern that Kelly posted on PRP…I am not sure if it it, but it looks very similar, just smaller ruffles. very good execution though!

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