Do you every buy something for a kid and they never wear it, or they wear it once. Then it just sits. That happens to me quite a bit. Usually you can just hand it on down to the next child, (or in the cases where it hasn’t been worn you hand it over right?) Sadly for me I have a son passing things over or down to a daughter… This doesn’t always work very well but I love a challenge so I try to make it work. 

So I had these sandals. I bought them for my son and they actually never fit him during the season he would wear them. So I held on to them. Then my next bundle of joy turned out to be a girl… so I made these little sandals into some girly sandals with some simple and fast embellishments.

I made these silk flowers and added some rhinestones.It took no time at all and now the little miss has some lovely new shoes to show off her pedicure from mommy daughter night… 

Now we just need some sunshine in our life so she can show them off outside. Like when I paired them up with this skirt.