sewing for girls Spring Skirts

Simple Denim Skirt

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  1. Sharon

    Very cute! I will be making one for my daughter, thanks for sharing!

  2. Rachel

    That was a timely post, I just pulled a pair of jeans out of the laundry I had decided weren't fit for me to wear anymore. Thanks!

  3. Shanna

    Oh my gosh! Those mountians in the background, GORGEOUS! I miss elevation when I see beautiful pictures like these!!!

  4. casserole

    What a cute skirt! And I love that you can repurpose the botton hem on the jeans!<br /><br />I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:<br /><br /><br />–Anne

  5. Kim

    Brilliant! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  6. Jan

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. Just made one today &amp; will blog about it later. This is so easy and adorable!

  7. TaRa

    I made a jeans skirt to, but without the knit waistband and am going to make another one with crochet embelishment like yours, it looks so cute.<br />I did a trick to achive a jeans waistband<br />

  8. rachel

    Hi,<br />this looks great! I just can&#39;t figure out exactly how to trace the pattern. I don&#39;t understand what you mean with &#39;fold up the bottom where you want the skirt to end and trace a skirt shape that is as wide as the pants are&#39;, and the picture above it with the front and back piece I don&#39;t understand, they look different. Aren&#39;t the front and back pieces the same? As

  9. Shauna@shwinandshwin

    Rachel, yes the pattern can be the same for the front and back. It&#39;s a little hard to tell since the pattern wasn&#39;t showing up in the pictures so I made the lines darker, but the angle made them look off. the only reason I traced the front and back is so the back was a little higher than the front. This helps keep the rear from hanging out the back, otherwise you could make them the same

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