So what do you do with an old pair or men’s jeans? Turn them into a simple little denim skirt of course. The Jeans I used were old, torn and paint splattered but the bottom few inches were in fine condition for a skirt. The best part of this project, it only takes a few quick minuets to whip up the perfect little skirt for your little one to run around in. 

Making the pattern is really easy you could follow a skirt you have and already like, or follow a pair of pants, just fold up the bottom where you want the skirt to end and trace a skirt shape that is as wide as the pants are. Make a front and back. 

I cut the skirt pieces on the fold at the bottom of the pants. This puts the side seam of the pants down the middle of the skirt. Then I folded an old tee and lined the skirt piece up along the fold to cut a waist band piece.

Then first sew the waistband to the front and back pieces, 

Then sew the side seams. Sewing front and back right sides together.

Next fold the waistband in to the inside.

Sew it in place.

Leave an opening in your stitch so you can slide the elastic in. Then put the elastic in and sew the opening closed.

Next I added some simple back pockets. I cut out 4 hearts 2 out of the denim, and 2 out of some flannel. Sew the flannel and denim hearts together leaving an opening so you can turn them right side out. The clip the curves and turn the heart right side out. Top stitch the top of the heart and then pin the heart to the back of the pants, sew in place leaving the top open.

That’s all there is to it. Last thing I did was add a single piece from an old doily from my grandma. 

Then it is ready to be worn, over leggings until it gets a little warmer…

With spring creeping up it is perfect to run around and play in.
Perhaps a little frisbee even

Teaching a near 2 year old to play frisbee with a puppy was no easy task…

but we sure enjoyed some of the fresh air until the sun went down, it was nice to get out for a while.