I am a little behind with the skirt posts, but I still have two left to share, so hopefully you are not sick of skirts yet. Spring has officially arrived! Doesn’t it feel so good? I love spring! Both my kids have spring birthdays (coming up soon) I am not a real lover of pastels typically, and you will likely never see me wear pastels, but on a little girl? I have a bit of a soft spot for pastels, especially in the spring. My favorite thing about this little skirt is it is a great way to use up some scraps, and it can be made in oh like 20 min. (also any skill level)
I started this skirt with a rectangle that was the length I wanted the skirt and the width was the width of the widest part of the hip plus 4 inches (for a little fullness) Then I grabbed some other fabric and folded it in half and made some strips, Then I sewed them straight across the rectangle (I left enough room on the bottom to hem the bottom.) 

Then you just continue sewing layers up the skirt, I alternated between fabric and some beautiful old lace that were scraps from my Grandma that were cut off an old dress. 

When you layer up to the top then fold the rectangle so right sides are together and sew along the raw edge so that you have a tube.
Hem the bottom.

Then I made a waistband and made an elastic casing in the back.
Just like I did for
this skirt.
Then sew the waistband to the skirt. You can gather the rectangle slightly to shrink it down to the waistband size, or you can add a few small pleats to the front, which is what I did since I like pleats.
Now you have the perfect little skirt for Easter, or the girly layers are perfect for a little girls tea party. And you got to use up some scraps! 

Happy treasure hunting!