Free Patterns sewing for girls summer wardrobe

Black Bird…(tunic)

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  1. ncw

    WOW! This is something I have been looking for for a very long time! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  2. Deanna

    Very cute! I am gonna try my hand at this soon as my little needs some new summer tops for our vacay! Beautiful!

  3. jenna

    i can't wait to make one for my girls! i love the simplicity and the color choice. i love that it is not pink and purple and i love your blog and read it everyday!!!! EVERYDAY!!!

  4. Julie B.

    You are tremendously talented and creative! Wow! This top is amazingly precious! I LOVE the fabric you used…thank you for sharing the pattern! Just found your blog and I'm intrigued 🙂

  5. Emily

    This is darling! Congrats on conquering the buttonhole! Want to hold my hand through mine?;)

  6. PearlsForMyGirls

    This is adorable..maybe my very favorite yet!!

  7. Genevieve

    adorable top!! i'll definitely be making one of these soon. thanks for the pattern!

  8. Kelli

    Wow, that is a beautiful shirt! Thanks for the tutorial.

  9. Matt and Cristin

    WHOOP WHOOP!!!<br /><br />I can&#39;t wait to get started!!!!! My sewing machine broke a while back and suddenly I am blessed w/ 2 (more) machines &amp; a serger arrived today from my aunt! 🙂 YIPPEEEE SKIPPYYYY!! After quite the search, I found one machine at the goodwill for $50 set in a table, but they were having 50% off, so $25, and while I was paying I realized I had a visa gift card that I

  10. smallt0wngirl

    My little girl will be 2 in July and she is very much wanting to be independant! Thanks for the tutorial. The top is beautiful!

  11. PearlsForMyGirls

    Yes, I posted before..I just L-O-V-E this! Do you think it might work with different fabric as a baptismal gown? I&#39;ve been asked to make one for my niece and wanted something timeless but with clean lines? I will have the fun challenge of converting it to 6 months size 🙂

  12. Shauna@shwinandshwin

    @ pearls for my girls,<br />Yes I think it would work as a baptismal gown and the pattern is really pretty simple to make you would just need a top that is size 6 month to get started. I think it could really easily handle a little puff sleeve as well if you wanted for the gown. It would be elegant and beautiful!

  13. dana

    shauna this top is really darling. Very cute!<br />- dana

  14. Rachel

    This is so sweet! I love the giant button at the shoulder.

  15. esmerc

    Love it! Specially the fabric, where did u get it?

  16. Jennifer

    Made this top for my sweet little girl and we BOTH loved it. She didn&#39;t want to take it off. Blogged about it here <br /><br />Thanks for the great tutorial!

  17. Reecea

    Such a sweet top. Love the styling. Thanks!

  18. Veronica Marcetti Dimick

    Just darling! I cannot wait to make this (thankfully my daughter is a 2T — score!). The directions look wonderful, too! Thank you!

  19. Jen Conlon

    Great tutorial! You&#39;ve been featured on the <a href="; rel="nofollow">Quality Sewing Tutorials blog</a>.<br /><br />We hand select only the best free tutorials and patterns for the home sewist.<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Grab a brag button!</a>

  20. Lorianne

    Just finished, except for button hole – going to ask Mum to help me with that bit! Love it! Attempted to line it as well because the fabric was quite thin and quite pleased with how it went. Just off on holiday to Turkey and my 2 year old will look absolutely gorgeous in her new dress. Love all your ideas and will most definitely be back for more. Many thanks, Lorianne Vibert from sunny Jersey,

  21. Tricia King

    Thank you for this great tutorial! Still working on a better collar and piping (just not very good at it!) but overall my friends gifts for their cute girls turned out nice! Thanks!

  22. Ashton Ricks

    This is a great tutorial! I made several for my daughter and put up pictures and now a friend is asking for one for her daughters birthday. Her daughter is a size 4T while mine just turned a year old so I have nothing to go off of for measurements for the yoke. I have tried piecing it together with measurements from my nephews 4T shirts but it isn&#39;t really working since I don&#39;t physically

  23. sarahdudik

    Thanks for the free pattern/tutorial! I just made one for my little cousin and it turned out great. I really like the big button and contrast pocket features.

  24. Dita Pendo

    too cute!!! thank you for sharing! can&#39;t wait to try and sew this for my little princess! love the colors and especially love that it&#39;s not PINK!! 🙂

  25. Lia Z

    Thank you so much for sharing! What a sweet gift from you 🙂

  26. Betty Love

    Love Love Love this top… sooo cute. Wish I could download without going thru a 3rd party site though… bummer

  27. Jasmijn Geutjes

    Thanks for this super cute pattern and tutorial. This is my second garment I made and it turned out pretty well. I used a girly flower fabric on the outside and a plaid fabric for piping and the lining. I made this size (without seamallowence for my daughter who is 13 monts. It fits like a short dress and hopefully next year as a top….<br />

  28. PH11

    Thanks for the lovely pattern! I made a tunic dress for my little girl using a lovely sleepy Owls print, simply love it. My little 20 months old look so adorable in it :)<br />Here&#39;s how it looks like…<br /><br />Thanks again!

  29. Sabhyata - Indian Fashion Boutique

    I love your <a href="; rel="nofollow">fashion boutique</a> creation !!

  30. Zaller

    I&#39;ve never really sewn before, and I&#39;ve made 2 of these in the first week I&#39;ve had my machine. Thank you so much. Your tutorials are so easy to follow!

  31. Sj Cledera

    do you have some baptismal gown pattern? i&#39;m planning to make one,,,thanks<br />

  32. Teri

    I just used this pattern today to make my sixteen month old the cutest little tunic. Thanks for sharing!

  33. Unknown

    Hi, love the pattern. are the seam allowances included in the pattern? It doesn&#39;t say in the instructions or the pattern pieces. Could you clarify? Thanks!

  34. Joy Candrian

    Enlarged this pattern to make this tunic for my almost 3 year old granddaughter. Thanks!

  35. Little red dress | BON COURAGE

    […] also made Maisie this little red dress, from Swhin and Swhin’s free tutorial. Hmm, now that I’ve checked the link again I see that it’s a tunic.. I had been […]

  36. Renee

    Thank you for the pattern! I made one of my little girl, you can see it here:

  37. Els M

    Just wanted to thank you for this pretty pattern! A different fabric can give it a totally different look. Here a picture of the one i made:

  38. Emma

    Hi, looking forward to making this 2T tunic for my huge 10 month old…. do I print pattern at 100 precent? Thanks! <3

  39. Joy Candrian

    I love this pattern. Here’s the dress I made using it: Thanks! xoxo Grandma

  40. Adri

    great pattern and tutorial thanks so much i love it 🙂 i made one for my beautiful niece

  41. ce_tj_hamilton

    Hi 3 quick questions:

    1) What size button please?
    2) If using store bought piping is there a standard size etc?
    3) Also can you confirm that printing at 100% is correct size?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  42. Marty

    What size of seam allowance did you use for the Blackbird pattern?

  43. Kathryn Schmidt

    This is a great pattern and tutorial. I was doing some spring cleaning during the Covid19 lock-down of our state, when I came across some seersucker pants that I loved, but no longer fit me. I figured there had to be enough material in those pants to make something for my petite 3 year old granddaughter. In searching the internet for a pattern (because I couldn’t go out and buy one) I found this! It seemed like fate, because it had the same thin-striped type color scheme as my pants. Since I needed to make it larger I also decided to turn it into a dress and use the pockets that were already made within my pants. It took a little thinking but I got it to work. I just cut the front at the waistline and added the piping to get them to work. I love the piping idea by the way. I too had some old shoe laces that were the cord kind that worked beautifully to create the piping. Thank you so much for sharing this cute easy to make pattern. I only wish I knew how to attach a picture so you could see my version.

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