I love being inspired by other craft bloggers. There are a ton of crafty ladies out there and there is truly nothing better than learning from each other. Over the last little while I saw THIS from the talented ladies over at icandy and then I saw THIS made by the super fabulous Jess from craftiness is not optional. I LOVE buttons and was inspired to make a button covered top myself. 
 It was sooo easy to make. It makes for a great summer top, and a great way to be creative with buttons. It’s hard to mess up since buttons are just so dang cute anyway. So let’s get started shall we?

 Start with a plain tank, or tee or skirt, anything really. I used the last of my stash from the cheap tanks from walmart. (other ideas for the plain tank are HERE HERE and HERE)
 Then grab a collection of buttons and some matching thread.
 Lay out your desired design. I went through a few options before I chose one but thought I would share them with you incase it gets your ideas flowing. You can do a lot of buttons.
 Only a few buttons.
 Or the design I settled on clusters at the corners that add a stripe like detail.
 Stitch the buttons on and then you are done.
 I love the little details and pop of interest it adds to the top.