Sometimes I get an idea in my head for a design and I make it right away. Then sometimes I get an idea and it festers for a year. You see sometimes in my mind I know what I want but I can’t always find it. Well as I was browsing Fabric Envy,(my newest sponsor who wanted to send me some fabric) I came across this darling print. I knew it was just the print I needed. I wanted the dress to be fun and whimsical, and something Abbey would just love wearing so I needed a print that was fun, but that I still liked. And since Abbey is obsessed with her baby bunny right now, this print with a little girl and her bunny floating away on balloons was just too perfect. (let’s just get over the pretty horrible pictures right now it’s been a little dreary here, and the cold is moving in, not the best combination…)

 My favorite detail of the whole dress? The buttons on the sleeves. I simply love them. Of course, I love buttons.
SO let’s make on shall we?

 The dress it’s self is really simple. I grabbed a shirt as my guide and cut out a bodice piece(ending just under the armpit) I made the sleeve and bodice all in one. (almost like a square tunic) When you do this make the sleeve a little wider than you want it, since sleeve allowance will eat some and the way it fits the arm will be a little slimmer. Then I cut out just a rectangle for the bottom. I made it wider than the bodice since I am adding a gather in the middle.

 You will want 4 bodice pieces. 2 for the front and two for the back. They can all be the exact same. For the front sew two of them right sides together along the sleeve and neckline. (follow the white lines) Then you can turn it right side out.

 Then you want to cut out some rectangle strips for the button flaps. Cut 4 (two for each side) They should be the width of the shoulder. Then sew two right sides together along the sides and top. Turn it right side out.

 Then you will sew the back bodice pieces the same as the front but first you want to put in the button flaps so line them up on the shoulders so the raw edges meet. (there should be room for a seam allowance on either side of the flap) Then place the other layer on top so the flaps are sandwiched between the two bodice pieces and sew along the sleeve and neckline. Turn right side out.

 Then sew a gather in the middle of the front and back pieces for the skirt. (need help with gathering?)Then sew the bodice and the skirt pieces right sides together.

 Next with right sides together sew the front and the back along the sleeve and sides. (follow the white lines)

 Next I added a little pocket to the front. Abbey loves having pockets to hold the little treasures she found. If you need help making a pocket go here

 Then sew button holes on the flap and the buttons on the front sleeve. Then the buttons hold everything in place.

 Lastly hem the bottom. I added a nice thick hem since Abbey is always growing up faster than out. This way I can make the dress longer as she grows.
Fabric is from HERE

 That’s it. The dress that was dancing around in my head for the better part of a year is finally real. I love the print and the buttons!

 And with a scarf and some leggings it makes for a hip fall/winter look that will transition nicely into spring. (and jacket of course, she is just not wearing one for the moment)

Abbey and her baby bunny have never been happier.

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