Everything is finally done. Her room is complete. I say that with some confidence even though part of me would really like to make her a new quilt. More on that later… First let’s take a stroll down memory lane…

 Remember this poor childs room before? As a side note to anyone new stopping by we just moved, and this picture was taken about 3 days after we moved in. Seriously though the poor girl slept on a mattress on the floor yes that is a random pile of her brother’s bedding… Yes that is a sheet for a window covering simply tacked up over the window… it was pathetic and the sage green walls added to the “gloom” of the room.

 First things first the walls got a few coats of paint. I used a barely there pink shade called fair maiden from Valspar. The focal wall got a soft teal color that I can’t remember the name of… We decided to go with shelves on the focal wall which we were planning on building then we found these in the as is section of ikea for 3.99 each, so we took them two of them were black but with a fresh coat of white paint they were just what we wanted. Her quilt is one of the only things I think I want to replace, however that is the quilt I made when I was expecting her, you see we didn’t find out the gender of the baby so I made the quilt gender neutral leaving out the binding and the middle square my plan was to do pink for a girl and blue for a boy but that the green and brown would be neutral enough, each square is hand embroidered with a different picture of a bird or design on it, I love the quilt, but it’s not quite the colors we were going for in this room so I can’t decide if I keep it or replace it…

 Since the opposite wall in her room was going to be pink I made sure it had the pops of teal to help balance. Like the refinished stand mirror, and the silhouette paintings. The cornice box also adds a nice pop of color among the sea of pink.

 For the eclectic feel I was going for I tried to keep a common color scheme but add in a lot of different textures and styles. Like the nice shag rug, the vintage rocking chair passed down through my husbands family, the re-upholstered toddler bed, and the collection of different shapes and styles of frames.

 The frames were from thrift stores and storage they all got a coat of white spray paint and I found vintage prints I liked from HERE I cleaned them up and edited them to my liking then printed them out for the frames.

 Her old bed side table got a fresh coat of paint as well. The birdcage was a thrift store find it was a rusty looking candle holder of sorts but a fresh coat of paint and a little cleaning up it helps balance the modern with the vintage.

A few of my favorite details:
A close up of the vintage alphabet prints. They tell a story about a little girl and her brother and it reminds my a lot of my kids.
On her shelves are the pillows I made (they went on the shelf when she tried to pull the buttons off) Along side a hand carved elephant that belonged to my grandpa.
Some books that used to belong to my husband’s Grandpa and he passed them down to my kids. On top of them is a cup and saucer that I picked up from a thrift store and just gave it t coat of spray paint so it would be a solid color.

It’s so nice to have her room done. And she loves it since I was sure to include all of her favorite things, the ABC’s, animals, and a mirror. What can I say she is easy to please 🙂