Do you have eczema? It’s horrible right? I mean skin is the largest organ we have and is the one seen by everyone we come in contact with. Obviously we all want to have nice skin. Healthy skin. If you are one of the million people who suffers from eczema, then I have news for you. Our parents are manufactures of natural bath and beauty care items. Natural is the key word here. They cut out all the junk and create products giving you the very best ingredients nature has to offer. Over the years (13 years of manufacturing) they have received feed back from a variety of people stating that the lotions they make have helped clear up or eliminate their eczema. This includes some very extreme cases. They are looking to further the development of a product that will in fact help minimize eczema. That’s where you come in. If you are currently suffering from eczema and would like free product provided to you in the hopes of clearing your skin. Then go ahead and send us and email at 
It will be a short product trial where you will receive product free of cost to you, that uses natural and safe ingredients. 
You will be asked to document the results which may include before and after pictures and a written statement. 
If you have any questions at all please feel free to email us thanks! 
Have a happy weekend!