I love pintrest. I could spend hours on pintrest getting some inspiration, or spend hours pinning stuff to my board. Right now I love pintrest the most because summer has been calling my name. I have spent my days playing outside with my kids, picking apricots by the hundreds and making Jam, and a million other things, and getting ready for our vacation coming up the last getaway before Jude starts school. (don’t get me started I may cry… although it is only preschool he is just growing up so fast) So I turn to pintrest….
To get inspired to make something for myself
To make something for my family room (which still needs a lot of help)
To learn how to knit. I absolutely LOVE this blanket.
Source: gap.com via Shauna on Pinterest
To get these awesome shoes for Jude so he can start school with style and the confidence of a super hero 🙂
And Just to laugh since we all need that.
Have a great weekend! See you back here Monday with some fun projects 🙂