Decorating for a little girls room was so hard for me. I had a million ideas and it was hard to put them all together without overwhelming the space. I had to do a lot of editing. Her room can be described as eclectic. It’s a mix of modern and vintage. I used a common color palette through the room of pink teal and green, and white anchors the whole space. The room had a lot of birds in the space, I love birds and bird cages, however Abbey is a lover of all animals. So when I was thinking of some art to go on the blank wall in her room I decided to do some silhouettes. They are simple to do, they offered a modern flair and since it is easy to include the colors of her room in the paintings you can easily make them fit any room. 
I started by collecting my canvases. I happened to have a stash of “paint overs” you know the canvases that didn’t go as planned and can be re-painted… Yeah I have a stash… some of them had texture on them which I felt kind of added to the “vintage” like feel so I included a few of those. Then I painted them all the accent wall color using regular house paint. Next I did a search in google for silhouettes of things I wanted, like a little girl for Abbey, a dog, cat, and bird. (her favorite animals) This also ended up being A, B, C, and D, so I made them into alphabet art, perfect for a toddler 🙂 I resized the silhouettes to the size I needed them and then printed them out. Then I simply cut them out and laid the out on the canvases. 
Then I traced around each one. 
Lastly using acrylic paint I filled in the outline. Then I added an “A” for Abbey
“B” for Bird
“C” for Cat
And “D” for dog. 
Then I hung them all up. Simple project that really helped her room start to come together.