Remember when I said I love birds? Literally if something has a bird on it I am drawn to it, I want it, I need it. If I could my whole house would be covered in birds. My room especially. My husband? Oh he hates birds. If it has a bird on it he naturally repels it. Even if it is something cool and great if there is a bird (or a tree or a bird cage or nest for that matter) he hates it. This of course leaves me with a problem, I can’t have birds anywhere my husband cares about, so it may make sense that I perhaps went a little overboard with birds and bird related items in my daughters room, but she loves “tweet tweets” and I want to foster that love so we can team up and sooner or later have a bird in some other place in the house. (they can be sneaky you know) So I made this little whimsical clock for her room. Without numbers you can of course still tell time but for a toddler it becomes more like art in her room than an actual clock. Making it was really easy. 
 I started with this clock. I got it years ago it was a great clock, one of my favorites really which is why I have never parted with is although it has sat in a box (or a room no one ever goes in) for years. You see it is purple (hard to tell by the picture) a color I never use in decorating. So as cool as the clock was it never got used. So I took it apart. If you have never taken apart a clock. Have no fear they all go back together quite easily. 
 Then I cut out a piece of scrapbook paper to fit the inside, with a layer of mod podge down on the clock I stuck the paper down and smoothed it out. Then I added a layer of mod podge on top. Wait for it to dry.
 I could have stopped there and just added some numbers back on or what not but I decided I wanted it to be more art than clock and I sketched on a bird and the word (you know for a toddler it seemed right) Then I painted in my sketch. 
Lastly I gave the frame I nice fresh coat of spray paint, put the clock all back together. (I rotated the clock to it’s side but that’s the fun of clocks they will always tell time no matter the direction) That’s all there is to it. A simple and whimsical project for Abbey’s new room.