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Sewing 101: Gathering

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  1. Zoe

    Thank you for these- I am just getting into sewing clothes and these tutorials are making me feel so much more ambitious!1

  2. Nellybellybug

    Wow…I am pretty sure that is a lot easier than how I've been doing it. Thanks!

  3. Heather's Haven

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  4. Heather's Haven

    I like this explanation however why doesn&#39;t anyone ever put anything about tension and ruffles?<br /><br />Heather

  5. A Little Bit About Gathering | thread bunny

    […] what I’m talking about, a great place to start is this excellent tutorial from Shwin called Gathering 101, which takes you through absolutely everything you need to […]

  6. Emy

    Thanks for the explanation on gathering.

  7. char

    So glad I pinned this!! Today for some dumb reason I couldn’t remember the go to formula ie; 2 or 3 times more material in your gathered piece, for perfect ruffles. Also forgot about the double row of base stitch, so thank you. I’m making a smock style apron pattern, that can be easily be converted to a dress or nightgown. .Couldn’t have been better timing ,cuz sooo tired of thinking.

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