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Knits 102 || The cover-stitch and overlock

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  1. Vanessa

    Thank you for this post! I have a serger, but I have my eye on a coverstitch machine for more professional results. I have been using a twin needle on my sewing machine for now, but it gives results that are o.k. for now.

    1. Shauna@shwinandshwin

      I used my sewing machine for years, the results were fine but it was amazing to me how much more stretch you get in a cover stitch. I just love that there are so many options and that you can work up to new things.

  2. Christina

    Great post! I've often had questions and wondered about using my serger (Brother 1034D and I love it too!) to sew my knit garments. I have it set to one needle with 3 threads. Honestly, it's super intimidating and I set it like this early on and I'm afraid to mess with it! I think I will if it will help me sew knits!

    1. Shauna@shwinandshwin

      I know! Sergers can be so intimidating! When I get mine set just right it stays that way for several months since I am afraid to touch it in fear of messing it up, but the more I work with it the more comfortable I am getting.

  3. hey june

    Susan and I both have the Brother Coverstitch and we love it! It works like buttah 🙂

  4. Dani @ The Domestic Darling

    Great post on knit sewing! It really is amazing how many people say how scary knits seem until you know how and then fall in love with sewing with them. A cover lock is right at the top of my wish list right now but in Australia they are sooo expensive compared to a regular serger or sewing machine (boo to inflated Aussie prices!)

  5. Jennifer

    Great post! Thanks for the great info. When you serge your seams, do you first stitch them together with your regular sewing machine & then serge or just serge them? I got a serger for Christmas & love it but am still a little intimidated by it!

    1. Kerri Steenbeeke

      no, you just serge them…

  6. johanna@projects by me

    About cover hem machines, I recently discussed those with the salesman at my local sewing machine store. They mostly sell HusqvarnaViking machines, but also Pfaff and Singer, but when it came to cover hem machines he recommended Janome 1000CPX, which he doesn't even sell!!! Just a tip! Then I heard somewhere else that the Elna coverhem machine and the Janome 1000CPX really are the same!

  7. Kerri Steenbeeke

    What does a domestic coverstitch and overlocker machine cost in Australia?
    I was thinking of replacing my industrial collarette machine (it skips stitches sometimes…) with a domestic (but have no clue what brand to look at…), but with all the factories closing down it might be cheaper to buy a ‘younger’ ex-factory industrial… I am blessed with a husband who built me a triple garage size shed that I only have to share with some storage, so am able to house my collection of various sewing machines 😉

  8. Laurie

    Thank you for this helpful post! I’m very new to sewing with knits and trying to learn everything I can about using my serger and coverstitch machine for them, so this is great. One question–When using the coverstitch, do I need to do anything to prevent the ends of the thread from unraveling? Or just cut off the excess? Thanks again!

  9. Barb

    Great info, thanks. Do you use wooly nylon in the loopers?

  10. Ruth

    Hi there, thank you for this post. I’m in the process in getting a cover stitch machine but I’m worried about how I’m going to be able to keep the material down evenly while I sew? Since I won’t be able to keep a eye on what’s going on at the bottom of the material.

  11. Liana

    Hello and thank you for helping me finally understand the difference between these two important stitches. You mentioned that there are some sergers that can fake coverstitches. What features must those sergers have, is it the flatlock feature by any chance, or something else? I am a novice sewist who loves wearing knits, so I would love to buy a serger, but a serger + a coverstitch is way out of my budget, so if I could find a serger that can do both (even if faling the coverstitch, I’m thinking it would still be better than the double needle sewing machine hack), I would be thrilled. Thank you again and happy sewing!

    1. Shauna

      Good question! I recently purchased a secondary coverstitch (juki 1000) since I was annoyed with converting the serger in the middle of a project. Oddly though I still rarely use it. I sew 90% of the project on the serger, (regular overlock seam 4 thread) and then depending on the knit I will either hem it on my sewing machine with a single needle, or that’s when I will pull out the coverstitch for the hem. My advice to anyone would be to get the best serger you can afford, you won’t ever be sorry you have one. If the day comes that you have extra money and you want to expand your skills go for a coverstitch. I thought it would be life changing but really all it does is hems and that’s something my other machines could do as well, but now when I hem I have to find 4 spools of matching thread. Hope that helps!

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