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Sewing 101: Pleats

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  1. feelincrafty

    Great post. Easy to follow! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dalal

    love ur tutorials (y)

  3. D' Nalof Fashion

    Do you ever use the "4 to 1" water to vinegar ratio to set your pleats? The half sew is a great idea if the item is going to be laundered frequently. Great info.

  4. Pat

    I”d like to do something that I’m sure is a pleat, but on the skirt of a ballroom gown. The idea would be to use 4-way stretch fabric, one color over and a different color under. The 2 problems I can’t figure out are how to keep the pleats closed until the dancer twirls, and how to keep the pleats from resembling my Catholic school uniform box pleats frrom 40 years ago. I would love some direction. It’s not easy to research on line. Thanks a mil! Pat

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