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Sewing 101: Facing

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  1. 2littlehooligans

    love this! im a newbie at sewing clothes. i would love to know how to make the little strips where the button holes and button attach to on the skirt or dresses. thanks!!

  2. ToniG

    What a fabulous post and with such terrific clear photos. This is a treasure, thank you.

  3. April

    great posts! lol! I still hate to do interfacing and facings even though I know why to use them…but I'm lazy…lol

  4. East Coast-er Momma

    These are all such awesome tutorials. I honestly feel like I've hit the mother load! Thanks so much for sharing all these.

  5. Annarella

    Thank you, this is very useful. 🙂

  6. Annu

    Thank you so much, I'm new to sewing, basically teaching myself thru the internet, and this is my worst nightmares turned into simple, thanks a bunch!

  7. Dilla

    Thanks for the tutorial. Seriously, your tutorial helps a lot! 🙂

  8. Giovanna

    Thanks for the tutorial, I’ve been freaking out over this facing business. One clarification question though. Does facing is that the right side of a fabric (be it the same or a contrasting fabric) needs to show where normally you’d see wrong side? For instance, if the dress is on the hanger, you’d see the inside of the back of the garment where the tag is and around the neckline inside, you’d see the correct side of the fabric… right? THAT’S facing?

  9. sarah

    Thanks alot for the tutorial I really loved your blog you are helping me alot for self learning sewing

  10. lauryn

    Do you have any pictures to show what clothes without interfacing look like?

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