sewing for boys

Spider Tee

Spider Tee

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  1. Rachel

    I love your spider!

  2. Jessica at Me Sew Crazy

    Ahhh – I hate spiders! But this is indeed a fantastic shirt for a little boy :). Love the bold stripes!

  3. casserole

    The Mini Boden shirt is cute, but yours is waaaay better! I love the weathered looking stripes! I scheduled a post for tomorrow night on Craft Gossip to link to your tutorial:<br /><br />(link will show as broken until it goes live tomorrow night)<br />–Anne

  4. Nancy

    The way you designed your spider is 10x better than the one on mini boden, I especially like the embroidery detail (outline and web). I&#39;ll have to keep this in mind for when my boy gets a little older. Thanks!

  5. Lettie

    Super cute shirt. I&#39;m excited to see people&#39;s ideas pour into the flickr group. Smart thinking. I see shirts at the store and think – oh, I should totally make something similar. Then I buy blank shirts and can&#39;t think of any ideas once it is time to start!

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