Well can you believe it our little slice of the blog world is one year old! It’s been a great ride! I still remember the phone conversation I had with my sister that started it all. We were talking about how great it would be if we had a way to share our crafts, ideas, and what not with each other, our family friends, and anyone else who had any interest in what we had to share. I had no idea what kind of world was out here. We have had a “virtual meeting” of lots of new crafty friends and have learned A LOT along the way. I could have never imagined when we started this blog that it would be even close to what it is to day. So thanks to all of you who stop by every now and then and especially thanks to any of you who leave a comment making this blog world the kind and friendly place that it is!

As a look back over the year we have shared over 200 tutorials, so we thought we would take this time to share a few that may have slipped you by:

Our 3 most popular tutorials:

 1. Pleated Mary Jane 2. The Button Top 3. Tee-shirt Scarf

My Favorite projects:

 1. Bias Skirt 2. Re-sizing a polo 3. Elephant top 

Shwin’s Favorite Projects:

1. Shell Earrings 2. Spa Salt Scrub 3. Wall Art

Lastly in honor of National Sewing Month (part of the inspiration for starting the blog in the first place) We thought we would share a great graphic put together by the people over at O.co (overstock.com) Enjoy!

National Sewing Month Infographic from O.co
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For more infographics visit the O.co Community