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So things have slowed down a little around here. We put an offer in on a house and finally everything went through and is finalized, the catch we are signing in less than 2 weeks. Yep, we have less than two weeks to pack, move and get our house ready for the renters to move in, along with everything else that has to do with moving. So my crafting stuff will be packed up here (soon I mean it will be the last to be packed) If I were super organized I would have gotten some amazing guest posts for you, but it came as a bit of surprise for us. I do have some projects up my sleeves, but things will be a little slower for the next few weeks as we make the crazy adventure. Anyone have any advice of fun ways to keep two kids happy while packing all of their things up for a move? There have been some tears already… Thanks! Also Shwin is putting together the amazing skin post I know you are all waiting for!