Oh man so blog posts have been a little spaced lately. We (our household) have been down and out with a horrible batch of colds. I really had no idea that a cold could take us down like it has. So I have a lot of projects building up, which just need some tutorials written, as we all get ourselves back to full health, I thought I would share a project that nearly slipped through the cracks. A while back I shared these jeans, and Abbey was wearing this top in the pictures. Then the tutorial for the top got set aside, and almost forgotten about, but it is one of may favorite tops, especially with cozy layers for fall, so it’s time.

 I call it the double knit because the top part is knit and the bottom half is jersey knit. I love the combination of textures. There is even some crocheting thrown in for fun.

 To start I just learned how to knit, literally a month ago I had my mom visiting and she taught me how to knit and crochet. I am no Anya and some how coming up with amazing things after just learning, so I had my amazing mother knit up a bodice for me. (although I have officially finished my first knitting project this is not it) We found a basic dress pattern a lot like this one and I had her just knit the top portion. You could also use an old sweater and cut out a top part for the bodice, it would just be a little trickier since you have to finish the edges. I also crocheted two pockets myself since it is literally like making a wash cloth. I made a small square for the chest and sewed it to the bodice with some yarn. Then I made a larger piece for the skirt part. I am not one to teach you how to knit or crochet but if you don’t know how there are some great you tube videos out there that teach you.

 Then for the skirt I cut out an “A-Line” shape out of some jersey knit. I made it the length I wanted for the top and the width to match the bodice.
Sew it together along the sides.

 Then I hemmed the bottom. I used a double needle so it would have a nice looking finished edge but also a double needle allows for some stretch in the seam which is nice.

 Next with right sides together I sewed the knit bodice to the skirt.

 To secure the seam and make sure it wouldn’t pull any knit stitches I top stitched the seam as well.

 Then pin the pocket to the top and using the sewing machine I stitched the sides and bottom of the pocket.

 That’s all there is to it. I simple double knit top. With a nice big pocket for keeping treasures.

I just love the different textures, which makes me want to make a couple more…